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    E-Discovery can be a confusing topic. These easy to read white papers cover basics, trends and future projections. Learn how to devise and implement a smarter discovery strategy.
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    The world of E-Discovery is constantly changing. These webcasts cover years of discovery case law updates that can help you better understand these evolutions and identify future trends.
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    E-Discovery has a language all its own. Learn key terms and access industry standard resources to brush up on the lingo.
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Topics Include:
  • Handling Electronically Stored Information (ESI)
  • Leveraging technology assisted review (TAR)
  • Use of E-Discovery software and predictive coding
  • E-Discovery case law updates
  • E-Discovery project management best practices
  • Managing E-discovery costs
  • Discovery rules (FRCP)
  • Understanding the EDRM stages:
    • Information Management
    • Identification
    • Preservation
    • Collection
    • Processing
    • Review
    • Analysis
    • Production
    • Preservation